Visualization Tips to Create Success...

In this article, I'm going to share with you some visualization tips that will optimize and accelerate the manifestation process. Not only will these tips enhance your visualization experience, but it will give you an understanding about the effort required to attract what you're intending.

Visualization Tip 1: Relax

Becoming relaxed before you visualize is key. You want to put your mind and body in a drowsy or sleepy state before you begin. The goal is to relax the conscious mind so it's easier to transfer the visual image to the subconscious.

A lot of times the conscious mind gets in the way of what we're trying to experience and create. Effective visualization will never succeed if you're trying to visualize and feel prosperity, while you're staring at a $200 over draft your bank account without any money to bring it back to a zero balance (yes, I have experienced this before).

Picture the conscious mind as the watchman sitting up in his tower. He's the one that filters and accepts sensory information to be delivered to the mother womb, the subconscious mind. This is why we want to relax the conscious mind and free ourselves from worry, clutter, fear, and anxiety, so the correct sensory data flows to you subconscious.

Try listening to soft music or do some breathing exercises. Start from ten and count each breath down until you reach the number one. Another good relaxation exercise is to picture your “breath intakes” as a white cloud of abundance and picture your breath outtakes has a cloud of black smoke. Each time you breathe out, make the cloud of smoke a lighter gray until it turns completely white.

Visualization Tip 2: Visualize In The Morning & At Night

I recommend visualizing at least twice a day, once when you first wake up and once right before retiring at night. The reason behind this is the subconscious mind is most receptive when you first wake-up in the morning.

When you first rise in the morning, your conscious mind is still all groggy and disoriented. So, it's best to get your image then to bypass the conscious mind easily. Then, right before you go to bed at night, get your image and play your “movie” on the screen of your mind. Whatever images you give your mind right before you fall asleep, the subconscious mind will play with that all night long.

Visualization Tip 3: Visualize and Verbalize

As I discussed in the “learn how to visualize” article, a great way to get emotionally involved with your image is to visualize, then verbalize your intention. Read your goal, out loud, over and over again. Play some music that pumps you up and gets you going. Then, take aggressive and bold action throughout your day. I recommend this approach first thing in the morning. ;)

Visualization Tip 4: Let Go and Let God

Let go and let God means to release or let go of the form. This means not being concerned when and how your image will come to you. You have to have complete and unwavering faith that your vision is coming.

Picture your subconscious mind as a garden. The images that you plant are the seeds being sowed into that garden. All you have to do is water the garden and watch it grow. You water and tend to your “garden” by visualizing, taking action, and living from a state of expectation.

For example, If you win the lottery and know that a million dollars is coming next week, you're not going to worry whether or not the money is coming. You're going to start preparing and doing all the things a million dollars can do for you. Treat your vision like a new born baby. Care for it, give it attention, and always know that it is going to grow.

Worrying whether or not your vision is going to manifest into your life will negate its attraction. This is a paradox, but let go of wanting your vision to happen so badly. Jesus said, “Do not use vain repetition as the heathen do.” What he means is that force negates. Forcing or trying to make something happen will repel that object or circumstance from you. Think about this--- the law of vibration states that like energies attract other like energies. When you desperately wanting something, you're putting yourself into the vibration of “not having.”

Fear, worry, hurry, and anxiety are all negative emotions that repel the abundance, wealth, and prosperity from you. Visualize your goals often, but let go and let God take care of the rest

Visualization Tip 5: Take Action

Visualizing alone will not bring you success. There is a big misnomer out there that all you need to do is visualize what you want and like a genie it shall appear. That is illusion.

There is never getting something for nothing. Whatever you go after, there will always be a price for the prize. If you want to run a multi-million dollar business, you're going to pay a price to get there. If you want a fulfilling and life-long romantic relationship, there is a price for that, too. However, when you want something bad enough, it doesn't feel like a price. Instead, it's fun, exciting, adventurous, and worth it for the prize.

To attract anything into your life you have to take some form of action. Visualizing starts that attractive force towards you, but you have to take action in order to receive. The best thing you can do is take some form of action within 24 hours of what you're visualizing. This will help reinforce the belief that you can actually have what you want.

Let's say you want to start a new business. Well, get that image and vision in your mind of the end result of having that new business. Picture every detail possible. Then, within 24 hours, take some form of action. Maybe it's filing the paper work with the state. Or, maybe it's creating business cards. I don't know, but you do.

Don't worry about whether or not you're taking the correct course of action. You will never know! Did you know that a rocket going to the moon fails 99 percent of the way there. The reason it succeeds to the moon is because the rocket makes the necessary adjustments, in flight, to get to the moon. Can you see the metaphor? Be bold and take action. If adjustments are needed, make them, but I guarantee any action is better than no action.

I hope these five visualization tips serve you well. I cannot stress the importance in reading this whole creative visualization series. Visualizing is one of the key components to success. However, remember, that visualizing alone will not bring you success. You must take consistent action from a state of inspiration and expectation to bring what you want in your life.

It's not about what life brings you. It's about what you do with what you bring into your life.

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