Visualization Exercises That Improve Concentration and Imagination...

Visualization exercises are an important practice to help improve your concentration and imagination. The benefits of visualization are to effectively and efficiently communicate your desires to the subconscious mind and to create emotion so you move your body into action.

There are two visualization exercises that I want to share with you. They are what I call: Block Concentration and Mind & Body Visualization. Both of these visualization tools will improve your concentration and imagination skills, so your visualizing will communicate more effectively to the subconscious mind.

Focus and Concentration

Our daily tasks are, more often than not, divided with our attention on multiple things while presently doing a task. This usually results in anxiety, worry, and hurry. We're constantly in the state of mind of “what's next” and “I need more time.” The problem with this is that we lose our focus on what's happening now and we become more susceptible to mistakes.

The result is a loss in power, rather than an enhanced state of consciousness. This happens because we are living outside the present moment and thinking about what's to come or what happened rather than the present circumstance.

The purpose of improving our concentration is to bring and keep us in the present moment. We want to do this because the present is all we have. Our power of choice, feeling, and action reside in this moment, right now.

You can't act in the future and you certainly cannot relive the past. Yet, so many of us are doing that on a daily basis, including me. There is really only one reason to create a vision and set goals, which is to improve your present moment circumstance.

Improving your present moment circumstance is the only power we have. This is why you are always advised to set smart goals in the present tense. Also, there is only one thing happening at a time in the present moment. If you master that level of being, anxiety, fear, worry, and hurry will be eliminated from your life.

Concentrating on one goal or task at a time makes our action more effective to get results and live in the “Now”. “One at a time” is one of the secrets to productivity. The question is: do you want to be a light bulb or a laser beam? A light bulb will illuminate the whole room, but a laser beam has the power to cut through steel.

Improve your concentration to focus on one task and goal at a time and don't move on until it's complete----that's the laser beam method.

Improving your concentration also effects your imagination. With better concentration, you will experience an easier time visualizing and a more enhanced image of what you're imagining.

When I started directing my imagination towards achieving success, I had a hard time concentrating and making my image detailed. I could focus for a few minutes and then all of a sudden I'm thinking about what's for lunch.

I call this monkey mind syndrome and we are all guilty of it to some degree. However, we can tame “the monkey” and stop our mind from bouncing thought to thought uncontrollably.

The remedy is practice and visualization exercises. If you want to get good at anything, what do you do? You practice! The same concept goes here. Lucky for you I have two visualization exercises that will massively improve your concentration and imagination, so your results become faster and more precise.

Visualization Exercises

The first of the two visualization exercises is called blocked concentration. You can perform this skill two ways. First, you can use the black dot method.

Draw a black dot about the size of a quarter onto a piece of paper. Tape the paper on a wall or object, so it rest eye level from where ever you're sitting. Sit in your chair and just relax the body and mind. After a few minutes of relaxing, bring your eyes and attention to the black dot. Stare at the dot and do not move away your eyes.

Keep your attention solely on the black dot. Try not to think of anything else other than that dot you're staring at. If your mind drifts, bring your attention back to the dot. Do this for five minutes, everyday, for 90 days. I guarantee your concentration and imagination will improve dramatically.

The second method of block concentration is to light a candle, instead of using a black dot. Go through the same procedures as the black dot. Stare at that flame and keep your attention there 100 percent of the time. Again, if your mind drifts, bring it back to that flame.

Over time, you'll notice that you can actually control the movement of the flame. I know this sounds mystical, but it's true. Everything is energy and your undivided attention on that flame is concentrated energy.

The benefits of blocked concentration are two fold. You control the “monkey mind”, as we discussed in the above section, and you have greater power to concentrate longer on your desires with an enhanced imagination.

You'll notice that your daily tasks and goals become easier and get completed more quickly. Overall, you'll shift to a present state of mind with less worry about the past or the future.

The second visualization exercise works with improving your imagination. It's called Mind & Body visualization.

What I want you to do is close your eyes and picture the ocean with waves crashing into the shore. See that image as clear as possible. See the color of the water and the size of the waves. See the contour and color of the sand.

Once you get that image, I want you to look down and see your bare feet. See your feet just like you would actually see them. It's important here that you don't see yourself seeing your bare feet. See your feet as you would look through your own eyes.

Now, you're looking at your bare feet and you slowly move your hands out in front of you. See your hands with your palms facing your eyes. See each finger and get a clear picture of your hands.

Put your hands down and feel yourself taking a few steps forward. Feel the bounce in your eyes as you walk forward. Take a look around and see your surroundings, see the sand, ocean, and clear blue skies.

Continue on this journey as long as you would like. Spend at least five minutes doing this visualization process. The purpose of Mind & Body visualization is to practice taking your body with you in your creative visualization practices. When you take your body with you, while visualizing, you're creating a more “real” experience of having what you're imagining. The goal here is to make your desire so real that it speeds the process of physical manifestation into your life.

When you practice both of these visualization exercises, the ultimate benefit comes from being able to concentrate with the image of desire in your mind and to make it more colorful and emotionally effective.

The result then becomes the manifestation of what you imagine into your reality.

Block concentration and Mind & Body visualization are two visualization exercises that yield results. Both of these increase productivity for getting things done and emotionally color your imagination to a more enhanced state.

If you use both of these visualization exercises on a regular basis, you should notice a more sustained, concentrated feeling toward any task or goal that you set your mind upon.

I want you to succeed in any endeavor in life, just like I want myself to succeed. What I want for me, I also want for you. Remember, the ultimate benefits of visualization exercises are to communicate more effectively and efficiently to your subconscious mind and to create emotion so your body moves into action. This will result in a faster and more precise manifestation of your desires.

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