Living The Millionaire Lifestyle Improves Wealth, Health, And Relationships

Living the millionaire lifestyle is about more than earning money. Of course, being a millionaire financially is part of the lifestyle, but I guarantee that the happiest millionaire ask for wealth in all areas of their life. Sure, you can go after the money and be rich, but that does not guarantee you will be wealthy.

Wealth means having well-being in your life. When you are wealthy, you love being who you are, you love doing what you're doing, and you have all of life's riches that you intended to have. I wish for you to have this millionaire lifestyle that I just described because that is the true millionaire mentality.

I have studied and associated with a few millionaires and I realized that the wealthiest millionaires don't want the money. I mean, who wants a million pieces of green paper in their wallet? What they want and what you really want is what the money can bring you. You want the cars, houses, food, vacations, clothes, the importance, social status, and the contribution you can give with a million dollars. To sum up the millionaire lifestyle, what you really want is all of your dreams, desires, and passions to be fulfilled and accomplished.

If you're seeking millionaire status and you want to live that millionaire lifestyle, there are a few things you need to learn about the millionaire mentality.

  • Millionaires think and act differently.
  • Millionaires are good decision makers
  • Millionaires surround themselves with million dollar people and a million dollar environment.

Even if you haven't hit million dollar status yet, or if you're struggling to make ends meet, you can still practice the millionaire lifestyle and I guarantee your income results will grow.

The Millionaire Mentality

As I have stated above, millionaires think and act differently than how most people do. Millionaires tend to have a positive mental attitude. They possess the confidence to go after their dreams and persist until it becomes a physical reality. They also hold a high self image of themselves and others. These achievers live the millionaire lifestyle because they invest in their personal growth, their business, and they invest in providing greater value to others.

I tell you---the millionaire lifestyle is busy! I don't mean being busy just to be busy. They are out and about constantly looking to help others get what they want and living a life of enjoyment. You will not find one millionaire sitting on their duff watching mindless TV. There may be a few exceptions here and there, but every hour watching TV is an hourly wage wasted. Instead, they are enjoying the company of others, working on their business, relaxing, reading, vacationing, and investing in themselves.

Studies and interviews have shown that millionaires really don't work. There is no work for them because they are doing what they love. The only time you are working is when you're doing something you don't want to do. Sure, they may put a considerable amount of time, money, and effort, but to them that is not working. When you're living the millionaire lifestyle, one of the things you'll have trouble doing is distinguishing work from play. That's because all millionaires love what they do all the time. If you don't love what you do, then you'll never earn or retain millionaire status for long because too much effort and hard work will be required.

I loosely quote Rich Branson here, but he once said, “When I'm starting and taking on a new business, I never consider how much money I'm going to earn. I only consider if this new business is going to be fun to do.” For those of you who don't know, Richard Branson is a billionaire. He's a billionaire who doesn't consider how much money he's going to earn, just whether or not it's going to be enjoyable. Now, that's a great example of living the millionaire lifestyle.

There are more traits than thinking and acting differently to live the millionaire lifestyle. The next one I want to discuss is decision making!

Millionaire Decision Making Process

Seeking millionaire status is not hard; it just involves making the right choices at the right time. All self made millionaires didn't just wake up one day and all of sudden become millionaires. To reach that status they continually decided to practice “living from the outcome”, even before reaching the millionaire lifestyle. All million dollar earners had goals and a vision of the lifestyle they desired. However, what separated them from everyone else was they lived from the outcome of millionaire status; they did not work toward being a millionaire. This is the key distinction for earning abundant wealth in your life.

You must act as if you were already a millionaire. Their goals may be stepping stones to their grand vision, but as soon as they get the millionaire lifestyle in their heads they begin acting “as if” a millionaire would.

So, how do you do that? Well, think about how millionaires would think and act in certain situations, how they would dress, communicate, eat, and be friends with. Where would millionaires hang out at? Then, when you get those answers, build an image in your mind of living a millionaire lifestyle. Make it so clear and concrete that you feel the feelings of having that lifestyle. When you have that image, you possess the millionaire lifestyle goal on a conscious level. All you have to do now is begin taking action with that millionaire mentality.

The millionaire lifestyle is not about making imprudent decisions and buying anything and everything they want. Their decision making is strategic and even frugal. Strategic decision making is making choices that are in alignment with the vision you hold for yourself and the world. They will ask, “Is this decision in alignment with my vision?” If they get a yes, their millionaire mentality kicks into high gear and they act boldly.

They don't worry about whether or not it's the right decision. These wealthy millionaires have enough confidence in themselves to learn from a mistake and keep going. In fact, these high achievers view their mistakes as learning experiences, not failures.

Start making decisions like a millionaire today. Ask this simple question whenever a choice is to be made----“Is this decision in alignment with my vision?” If you get a yes, act right now and the universe will always support you!

The Million Dollar Environment

Thinking like a millionaire, having the millionaire mentality, and acting like a millionaire is an inside-out process. This means that when you get it right inside yourself; your being, then the outside world will reflect who you are.

This is considered a new way of thinking, and now that we are in rapidly changing times we need everything that we can get to support our new ways of thinking. There is one, important, golden way of support to our new ways of thinking-----Having a supporting environment.

Having an environment that supports your vision and lifestyle is a sure way to accelerate who you want to become in life. I have researched and found 3 key environmental factors that you can practice and take inventory of to help support your millionaire lifestyle. They are-----

  • Relationships
  • Physical (material possessions)
  • Personal


Who are you hanging out with on a continual basis? Are your family, friends, mentors, business partners, employer, pets, and colleagues supporting your vision and where you want to go? Or, do they drag you down?

I have found “Relationships” the most challenging environmental factor to practice. I have family and friends who would absolutely poison my mind and suck the life right out of me. You know who these people are---they are the dooms day people, “Life sucks, You can't do that, Follow the crowd, This sucks, That sucks, Blah, Blah, Blah.” Get over it man! :)

Well, cutting them totally out of my life just didn't work for me. I mean, these guys are my family and I place high value on my relationships. Perhaps you are in the same situation? What I found that works is not to spend a high quantity amount of time with the people who bring you down. This doesn’t mean I still don’t love them; I just choose not to hang out with these people and get sucked into their drama on a high quantity basis.

A lot of times, people will bring you down because they are scared and afraid. To them, you represent the courage they don't have and the only way to express their feelings is to drag you down to their level.

Let this not be you! The key is to not spend high quantity time with the people that don't support your values and vision.

What you want to do is surround yourself with like thinkers, achievers, and millionaire mindset people. It is more likely that you will become the person who you hang out with the most. This is why it's vitally important to surround yourself with family, friends, pets, and colleagues who support you and your vision. Start going to the clubs, churches, events, restaurants, hotels, and programs where these millionaire mentality people hang out.

I once heard that you can measure the quality of your life by the quality of relationships you have with others. Having relationships that support you is probably the biggest key in becoming that grand person you envision to become. Begin now, to attract new relationships in your life and spend less time with the “life sucks” crowd. I guarantee it will change the quality of your life.


Part of the millionaire lifestyle is the material possessions you have and the environment of your home. Are you continually buying the cheapest items? Is your home a mess with clutter and debris? How about your yard? The music you listen to, is it empowering or disempowering? I want you to understand that to become the best person you can be, you must immerse yourself in that which provides you value; and avoid everything else at all cost.

Is your home supporting you in living that millionaire lifestyle? You don't have to go out and buy expensive things, but there are some things you can do to start living the millionaire way.

Keep your home clean and organized. I once heard that cleanliness is next to Godliness. I don't know if that's true, but being clean and organized has helped me with peace of mind and clarity.

Buy artwork and hang it on your walls when you can. Art can be beautiful and be a good reminder of the wealth you already have. Make it a point to buy art work, not posters, and place it strategically around the house.

Buy quality, rather than quantity. Buy things that make you feel good and look good on you. If you have the decision to buy three pair of shoes from Wal-mart for $150 or a pair of Kenneth Cole for $150, buy the Kenneth Cole. Those shoes are better, they look better, and are made with high quality materials. Therefore, you will feel more wealthy wearing high quality material.

The biggest possession I speculate buying is music and movies. Why? Well, because what you listen to and watch on a continual basis is sending messages and feeding your mind. Are you listening to gangster rap about murder and rape? Or are you listening to U2 and the Beatles? Which music do you think multi millionaires listen to? Constantly feed your mind with empowering materials. It will start to support your thinking in new ways beyond measure.


The personal environmental factor is about how you take care of yourself. What shape is your body in? How well kept is your hair? Your facial hair? Leg hair (for women)? How about your diet and exercise program? I suggest you pick a role model, a person that you desire to become and start dressing and acting like him or her. Look like what a million dollar person would look like in that industry. People respond better to well groomed, healthy and fit, and nicely hygienic appearances.

Not too long ago, I would shave my face every 2 days. I realized that I wasn't looking my best and sharpest. It gave the impression that I didn't care and just rolled out of bed. Now, I shave everyday and I feel and look 10 times better. Your physical appearance does count for something; please make good use of it! I’m sure you have heard this expression before----First impressions say everything.

To wrap this article up, the millionaire lifestyle consist of thinking and acting like a millionaire, making decisions from the millionaire mentality, and surrounding yourself in an empowering environment. There is a lot of information to digest from this article. What’s important is to take action everyday, small or large, in living that millionaire lifestyle. Even if you don’t want to be a million dollar income earner, the millionaire lifestyle can be for your health, relationships, mental wealth, and/or spiritual wealth. I want to caution you though; there is always a price for the prize. Nothing is for free. However, with enough effort, focus, and determination that prize will become a reality and it will be well worth the price!

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