"The Real Secret to Manifesting Money..."

Part One

How do you become an authority over money, which you are the master and money is your slave?

In other words, how can you have complete power over the manifestation of money into your life?

In this article series, you are going to learn the creative formula for focusing your mind effectively, so you become an authority and in a position of power with money to manifest it easily.

There are two parts to manifesting money easily and effectively. First, you have to understand how money or any intention you hold gets attracted to you and manifested in your life. Along with this understanding of how comes being more consciously aware of HOW you do your life, so you have freedom of choice.

The second part of manifesting money is being in the "right" money vibration. This is the practical application part of doing the necessary personal growth to attract money.

Each part for manifesting money are equally as important to the next. Failure to implement both parts results in a constant struggle between being powerful and powerless with money.

Picture money like an equation. On the left side of the equation you have Awareness + Money Vibration, and on the right side of the equation you have "= The Flow of Money." Take away one part of the equation and you have an unbalanced, unpredictable result.

This specific article shows you the understanding and awareness parts to manifesting money.

Almost my whole entire life I have been on a rollercoaster with money. There were times when I had plenty of money and a booming business, then there were more times when I was facing bankruptcy and working three jobs to make ends meet.

I even tried all of the law of attraction hype of visualizing and goal cards, but never experienced any real results. Now, I'm not saying those things do not work. However, they only work to the degree of conscious awareness you have over your life.

When I discovered the principle of awareness, learned the science behind how to create reality, and practiced becoming more consciously aware, my dysfunctional financial life disappeared and more prosperity has been flowing to me over the years.

It all starts with awareness and understanding how to focus your mind. So, do not take this article lightly and breeze over it. Visit the links in this text and re-read this page many times.

From my experience and interviewing many successful people on this planet, properly focusing your mind is the number one most important factor that you can master when it comes to manifesting money or anything else that you can imagine.

How you direct and use your focus is completely responsible for the results you get in life.

When I talk about focus, I am referring to your conscious attention and your internal representations, which are all one in the same. Internal representations, focus, and conscious attention are how you use your thinking modalities of visual, kinesthetic, and auditory to represent reality. You also have auditory digital (self talk), olfactory, and gustatory, but we are going to only refer to the "big three."

For example, I want you to think about your current home. How do you do that? How do you think about your current home? For me, thinking about my current home involves making a remembered picture of my home on the screen of my mind (visual modality). I also can feel a relaxation of what home is like (kinesthetic modality). Finally, I hear certain sounds, like the dog barking, that represents the home to me (auditory modality).

You do not think in words. You interpret the words or information through different modalities.

If I tell you think about a pink elephant, you visually bring a picture of a pink elephant to the screen of your mind. If I tell you to think of church bells, you might get a picture of church bells, but you will probably hear the bells ring to represent church bells. Do you get it?

It's important to get in touch with these three modalities because this is largely how you attract your world and future. Other than using your thinking modalities to remember who you are, your things, and how to do things, you can also construct your modalities to represent the world you want.

For example, you can use visual to construct a picture of having a new BMW car parked in your garage. You can construct sounds of people praising you for the quality of service you provide. Finally, you can construct emotions of happiness and joy.

The people who are good at using a combination of remembering and constructing their thinking modalities usually have the best results in terms of their internal and external experience. They will remember information of what they want and construct new information to put themselves in that experience.

For example, they will remember the experience of seeing their dream BMW on the road, then they will construct the information in a way so they can see themselves being in possession of that BMW.

Learning about thinking modalities and how to use them are all great in theory, but what's the point? How can controlling your thinking modalities, which are internal representations, manifest money or anything else you desire?

Here's how the process works: You get sensory input from your external environment. That input goes through an unconscious filtering system of your programmed beliefs, values, strategies, attitudes, meta-programs, etc. After the input passess through the filtering system, it gets deleted, generalized, and/or distorted depending on how your unconscious filtering system is programmed.

You then make an internal representation that is either visual, auditory, or kinesthetic. And finally, you produce feelings and behaviors to attract your results.

Of course, this happens unconsciously and instantaneously. However, you can control this process by either going into your filters and reprogram them to the results and outcomes you want (I help you do that in Upgrade My Reality). Or, you can become aware of the internal representations that you make by noticing the visual pictures, sounds, and feelings that you do. When you can notice your internal representations, whatever doesn't serve you will naturally drop away and you have choice on what to think, feel, and act in any given moment.

This is why awareness of HOW you DO your life is vitally important. Your unconscious mind is always giving feedback to the beliefs, values, habits, and contents that are stored within it. When you become aware, and I mean curiously watch your internal state of thoughts and feelings (a.k.a your internal representations), you are not identified with it and have the power of choice to change your conscious attention to something that you want.

Now, awareness in itself is life transforming. In fact, consciously choosing to observe your mind and be aware is freedom and ever-lasting joy. The more aware you become, the more you will realize that your life is perfect the way it is. Thus, you transcend the suffering and become enlightened.

Being consciously aware doesn't mean that you give up creating results for yourself, others, and the world- that's not it at all. What happens is your external results become secondary and a game. You lose the attachment of wanting your life to be a certain way. This is freedom. And is probably the very thing why most people want money: to be free.

Ironically, when you treat your external results or money like a game, your life dramatically improves without effort. You will see this in the next article.

However, if you really want to excel in your external results, there is a science for creating massive, positive results the way you want. The power to create the results you intend, especially money, comes from your intention and attention.

Your intention is consciously deciding what you want to have as a reality for you. For example, if you wanted to manifest more money, an intention would be the end result of already having the money you desire. Maybe its a picture of you in your dream BMW car. Or, if you wanted to manifest a home, your intention would be simply deciding the kind of home you want to manifest.

I find that most people are really good at the intention piece. It's just simply deciding what it is you want to attract in life. The only place I find people who struggle with intention is that they intend something that they don't want.

For example, someone might want to attract more money and a bigger paycheck, but they will think of it in terms of "not wanting to be broke", or, to "not be in debt." That type of intention is counterproductive because you have to think about avoiding debt and think about debt in general in relationship with the money you want to attract.

Therefore, you construct your thinking modalities in a way to represent debt and the unconscious mind takes that as a command to bring you more debt. The mind cannot process a negative and will take the intention of "not wanting to be in debt" literally and create more debt for you.

So, be sure that your intention affirms moving toward what you want. For example, I intend earning $250 per day. Or, I intend living in my dream home off of the coast of Kennebunkport, Maine.

The second piece to creating your reality and manifesting money, and the main focus of this article, is your attention.

Your all consuming conscious attention is what matters most and is the main factor for manifesting money and your life's results.

Many people think that you can visualize your outcome or the money you intend for 15 minutes per day and expect to manifest your focus. This is how many people stay stuck.

So you visualize for 15 minutes per day--big deal! What about the other 23 hours and 45 minutes in the day. What's going on with that?

I recommend that your constant attention during your waking hours is more important than anything. Visualizing for 15 minutes in the morning, then going about your day worrying about the Visa bill, needing money, and worrying about where you next paycheck will come from is counterproductive and will cancel out any visual meditation.

You have to master your conscious attention and you do this by monitoring your internal state with awareness.

Your mind is going to think and it is going to do it constantly. The goal is not to disown your thinking and try to make it stop. The goal is to watch your thoughts and feelings with awareness. Get curious about how you do your thoughts and how you do your feelings.

What you want to do is use your feelings as guidance for determining your present focus. When you feel bad or discomfort, it is because you are focusing on what you don't want 99% of the time. When you feel neutral and good, you are focusing on what you do want.

Becoming the conscious creator of your life involves being aware of your discomfort just by noticing it and shifting your focus to what you do want to create.

The unconscious mind is the one that produces results for you. Your conscious attention and focus are the commands given to your unconscious mind for attracting the resources, opportunities, people, and situations you want.

What you have to do is consciously monitor your modalities, internal representations, and feelings with awareness, and change your focus to what you want to create. Then, trust your unconscious mind with the ideas and opportunities given to you by putting them into action.

Until I understood this principle about awareness, I had very little results to show for in my life. It's because I would visualize my success for 15 minutes in the morning, read my goal card at lunch and right before bed, but anytime else during the day I was unhappy, worried, and in the need vibration for money cancelling out the attraction of my intention.

Now, what's very powerful is having an intention and visualizing that intention by knowing the outcome you want to create on the screen your imagination. Then, for the rest of the day be aware of your thoughts and feelings. Become aware of whether you are at ease or not- that's a good indicator to where your current focus is.

When you feel discomfort, notice it and get curious about how you do that feeling and thought. Ask, "How do I do this feeling?" Then, curiously watch your mind and thoughts play itself out.

Finally, once you notice your discomfort with awareness, change your focus to what you intend to create in life. In other words, change your focus using those thinking modalities to the pictures, sounds, and emotions to the outcomes of your goal.

Let's say that you are in the market to buy a new car. Specifically, you want a BMW Z4. Currently, you own a '92 Ford Pick-up truck. This truck is a beater, gas hog, and is rusting from the inside out. In fact, you absolutely hate it.

You decide (intention) that you want to have a BMW Z4. So, you get the visual pictures coupled with emotion in your mind and you can vividly imagine the outcome of you owning and driving this new beamer. After you get done visualizing or just thinking about it, you worry about the Visa bill, not having enough money, or not being good enough to own this car. As result, you are stuck with this beat-up Ford truck.

You could use the excuse, and you probably do, that you don't have enough money. However, that's not the case. The problem stems deeper than that.

The reason why you don't have the money is because you're telling your unconscious mind to NOT find the money, resources, people, or opportunities for you to own the BMW. You visualize the beamer in your imagination, but your all consuming focus is worrying about debt, not having enough, and you not being good enough.

What's the solution?

Become conscious of your internal representations. Notice your discomforting feelings (that's the kinesthetic IR) and then become curious about how you do those feelings. Ask, "How do I do this feeling."

Watch curiously without judgement, blame, and criticism. When you notice your internal representations with awareness, change your conscious attention to the visual images and emotions of owning the BMW.

As a result of this practice, your unconscious mind will give you the ideas, resources, and people needed to make your goal a reality.

My girlfriend and I use to be in a long distance relationship. We dated this way for about a year and decided that it was time to move our relationship to the next level. After a few days of talking about who would move and when, we decided it would be best for me to move to New Hampshire. I was okay with that, I wanted a change plus the opportunity to live on the sea coast and enjoy the ocean waves.

So, we set the intention and outcome of living together in two months. We both had the visual image of our intended outcome and there was definitely strong emotion mixed with our vision, so our unconscious mind knew exactly what we wanted.

However, there was one problem. I couldn't get my attention off of me facing bankruptcy, losing my business, and not having enough money to support myself when I move.

I began to notice that my all consuming attention was focused on debt and not having enough. I knew going down this path of focusing on lack would only perpetuate lacking situations.

So, anytime I felt bad or had these feelings of discomfort, I just noticed my thoughts and feelings.

I became aware of them by saying, "Hmmm...there I am thinking this way...How do I do that." I didn't force my mind to focus on something else, I just noticed. Once I became aware of my internal representations, it was easy to reprogram my focus.

After I noticed my discomfort and me playing out my thoughts of lack, I asked myself, "What is it that I really want." Then, I brought the pictures and emotions of my girlfriend and I living together on the screen of my imagination.

Well, to make a long story short, we completed our goal and I easily moved to New Hampshire with plenty of money. During the "two months before the move period", my unconscious mind was at work and I thought of some interesting ideas and resources to make my goal a reality. I put my ideas into action and earned a $15,000 dollar pay day! Not bad. That was plenty of money to make my dream a reality.

The starting point is to understand what you want to create in life. How much money do you want? What are you doing and having with the money you intend? Using your thinking modalities, construct visual pictures, sounds, and the feelings of you already being in possession of the money you desire.

Write down your goal on a piece of paper, and under your goal make bullet points of the pictures, sounds, and feelings you would have being in possession of your money goal. For example, maybe you want the money to expand and build your business. Make a bullet of "There I am, on stage, giving a speech to 200 paying clients." That would be a visual bullet that represents your success. Or, make a bullet of "people are writing emails to me saying 'Nick, your articles are so inspiring'." That could be an auditory representation. Do you get the picture?

Throughout your day, curiously watch your feelings with awareness. How do you do those discomforting feelings you have? Just notice your discomfort and watch them as they play out. Then, whip out your goal sheet and refocus your mind to what you want to create.

In the next article, you will learn the exact process for manifesting money and how to put yourself in the positive "money vibe", so you can attract money easily.

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