Learning Intentions Breakthrough:
Who Runs the Show Here...Men or Women?

Learning intentions isn't just thought its a blend of masculine and feminine energies---Anonymous

A powerful person is someone who knows how to use and harness great power, right? Well, it has been said that we tend to misinterpret the meaning of power as to exert energy or force over someone or something.

Throughout history you have seen men demonstrating power over others for land, prestige, riches, and wealth. There has been, and still today, men dominating over other men and women; women dominating over other women and men. In each scenario, men and women are demonstrating power over each other, so they can create the reality they choose.

Learning Intentions

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However, does this mindset of power really create the successful reality that men and women have intended? No, and if so, not for long.

The best example I can give is the current reality that we're part of. As you should now be able to see, economies rise and fall. According to our current definition of power, the greatness of an economy is determined by how “powerful” one economy is over the other.

In other words, it is believed that our level of success, enjoyment, and wealth will only be greater by the amount of power each of us holds and exerts. The problem with this mindset of power, force being exerted, is that force negates. The laws of nature supports and applies this theory, force negates, to our everyday existence.

Think about this for a second. The Mississippi River doesn't force itself down to the Gulf of Mexico. The seasons do not force upon you every year. Grass doesn't force itself to grow and neither do trees. Everything goes with the natural rhythms of life.

When you force energy into something, you go against the flow of life. You may get your desired outcome, but you'll pay for that outcome in pain.

For example, 9 out of 10 people in this world have jobs or provide some type of service because they believe they need money. They get jobs because of the fear of what might happen if they didn't have money. So, what they do is exert power over themselves, others, and the world in attempt to get money. As a result, they pay with pain. That pain could be unhappiness, lack of direction, fear, unworthiness, tightness, and stress.

Wouldn't it be nice to flow with life rather than force life? How awesome would it be that the only power you need is power over yourself?

There is a long and forgotten way to create your reality without force, stress, anxiety, and pain, and that way involves an understanding of “thy self”. You have to understand the properties that create life. The properties that create life are the same properties that create your intentions (reality) for you.

There are masculine and feminine properties to creation (intentions). When you identify and learn how to use both, you can manifest anything you want.

From here on out, let's redefine power. Power is harnessing and applying the natural flows (energies) of the universe to oneself. When a person demonstrates power, they are demonstrating the ability to manifest reality from an inward expression, with the assistance of an outward instrument.

The Old, Out-Dated Use of Consciousness

Before we get into the masculine and feminine properties for creating your intentions. I believe it's important to understand the old way of consciousness compared to the new breakthrough of consciousness that we are evolving into today.

I referenced the old way of consciousness in the above paragraphs. The old way is thinking that we have to apply force and action to create what you want. In other words, to enjoy the fruits we have to labor. For the longest time this way of thinking has been dominate---no physical labor, no reward; if you don't work for something then you will not receive compensation for what you want.

Today, it is believed that we are in a shift towards a new consciousness. This new shift in consciousness is telling us that thought and feeling produce the correct course of action to take, so you prosper and receive what you want.

Under this new way of thinking physical labor by itself is like shooting darts with a blind fold on. You're exerting force and power, but it's unlikely that you'll get the results you want. However, when you combine thought and feeling and then apply action, you attract the results you want and your action becomes the medium to receive.

For example, let's say you're an infopreneur or blogger. Right now, internet marketing is a lucrative business and you think it would be wise to jump in that market and earn money. Under the old way of consciousness you believe that, “If you put the hard work in and find a profitable industry, how could you not be successful?” You do this and the results just don't come. You can't figure it out? You spend 10-12 hour days providing value and information and you're not getting paid. Why is this happening?

Well, the reason behind poor results in the old way of consciousness is that this person is operating purely from a masculine energy field (we are going to talk more about this below).

Now, let's bring a new person in this scenario and this person operates under the new way of consciousness. She is still a blogger, but before she jumps in and follows the crowd, she really gets to know herself. She understands her purpose, vision, and the results she want's to experience.

She uses her mind wisely and consistently feels being a success. As a result, an inspired idea tells her to blog and set-up an online store about roses. She checks with her purpose and vision and a website about roses is in alignment with her thought and feeling.

She opens the business, blogs about roses, and gives useful service. Not long after, she begins to experience success. She's earning money, becoming well-known, and about a year later her online business now establishes to a profitable offline store. She is happy, wealthy, and fulfilled--everything she ever wanted in life.

So, what is the difference? In short, the woman in the second example is combining feminine energy and masculine energy. The person in the first example is operating purely out of masculine energies.

The world is at a shifting point, a new way of consciousness is in play now and this involves using expression (feminine energy) and instrumentality (masculine energy) together, so you manifest anything you want.

The law of gender is still in play, we can't just think and feel something then have it pop in our hands 2 minutes later. The action or instrumentality piece is still critical, but the expressiveness or the thinking and feeling is just as equally important. Combining both expression and instrumentality is where the key to success resides.

Masculine Energy

The symbol yin and yang was created for a reason. If you carefully look at the symbol, you'll notice each property is equal to the other, but have different purposes (hence the color differences). Yang represents masculine and it's just as important as yin, the symbol for feminine.

To most people, yin and yang mean female and male, but there is a deeper meaning here--Expression and Instrumentality. Masculine energy is the instrument that brings life to the expression. Masculine energy assist the expression of the feminine into physical form. In other words, masculine energies are the rituals, instruments, and the anchoring process into the body to reinforce the belief that your intention is real.

Before you move on I want to get clear on something. When I refer to “Instrument or Instrumentality”, that references masculine energy. When I say “ Expression or Expressiveness”, that means feminine energies.

Without the masculine, your thoughts are pure fantasy. The law of attraction becomes disconnected without successful understanding and application of the masculine properties of the universe.

The instrument anchors the belief that what you want is true. This has nothing to do with “How can it be done.” As soon as you ask “how”, you become disconnected and the law of attraction fails.

What the masculine does is make it real, it's the “I need to see this now” so I know it will become a reality. No one ever knew “how” to do something before they started doing it. The successful inventors, money makers, entrepreneurs, and wealth magnets took an idea that they wanted to experience and successfully anchored it into their bodies so it's as real in physical form as it was in their minds.

This instrumentality or masculine energies are like insights and promptings. They are the inner nudges to take some form of action to bring what you think of into existence.

You may see masculine energy as an outward push of power, but it's not that. Remember, force negates. The perceived outward push of power is actually just going with the flow. You are “tuned-in” and doing what you're inspired to do. When you take the action and involve “instruments”, you are assisting the expression of what you want to create.

Feminine Energy

Expressiveness is the property of feminine energy. It's the yin for the yin and yang symbol. Expressiveness is the intention that you hold. It's the thought and feeling that you picture and want to create in physical reality.

I believe this is the missing component in most peoples lives. Everyone has expressiveness or feminine energy. So, gentlemen, you may have masculine parts, but there are feminine characteristics in you. What you have to do is understand and learn how to use feminine energy.

Everybody has been gifted with the ability to think. To think, means to see images in your mind. We all think in pictures, it's an understand on how to use your images to get what you want.

Your images are the expression you want to bring into life. When you attach a feeling to your expression, you have already conceived it. Then, you move over to the masculine and find instruments to assist the manifestation into physical form.

In science, they call this particularizing. Quantum physicians have told us that there are unseen infinite waves of possibilities and expressions out in the Cosmos. When you form that into an intention you create a particular (conceived). Now, when you keep your attention and bring life to that particular (masculine instrument), it begins to particularize and get bigger and bigger until it explodes into a solid, physical mass.

Feminine energy is expressing an idea that you would like to experience in physical reality. Your job is to hold onto that intention and trust in the universal process.

Putting it All Together

Before we put it all together into total, practical, and usable sense, I want to paint a clear picture or metaphor into your mind. By no means am I stereotyping women and men or being sexist. I'm just making an observation of how things use to be, so you get a clear understanding of feminine and masculine energy.

Before the 1970's, men and women had very different roles. Men were considered the labors or “bread winners” that supported the family financially and physically. Women were considered the nurturers, bearers, and the expressiveness of the family's ideal way of life. In those times, women conceived children, nurtured them, and expressed a certain way of living. Men were the instruments. They went out and got it done to make it a physical reality.

What you have to do to become a powerful person is use power from an inward-out approach. Use power over your thinking and feeling, so you express your desires and receive what you want. Form the intention, create a vision, and get in the feeling of what you want to be, do, or have. That's the expression and the feminine energy.

Then, listen to your “inner-knower” or your intuition. It will give you insights on what to do to bring your expression into form. You have to trust and trusting the process is the most important thing that you can do. As soon as you worry about “how”, you're stabilizing the manifesting process and disconnecting from bringing your desires into reality.

Here is a story that may help you understand better.

About two years ago I decided that I wanted to attract my ideal mate. I wanted to have a perfect woman that was just right for me. So, I expressed my desire and formed an intention that went something like this, “I now intend having my ideal women who has every quality that I imagine.” I then wrote down every quality that I wanted to have in my ideal mate.

I pictured how my life would be with this ideal woman of mine. I felt how happy and excited I was going hiking with this person, going out to dinners, shows, etc.

sidebar: From the beginning of this story to now is all feminine energy being used. I'm expressing my desires and I'm holding onto the feelings of that intention day in and day out.

Shortly after my new intention, maybe a week, I was prompted from my “inner-knower” to make a list of all the people that I know who already have these qualities of my ideal mate. I had no idea why I had to do this, but I listened and did just that.

I opened my list of qualities that I wanted to have in my woman and I initialed next to each quality the people I knew who possessed that quality.

sidebar: I now understand that this action was the instrument, the masculine energy taking place. I was anchoring in the feeling of already having my ideal woman in my physical experience.

So, what happened after that? Did I immediately attract my ideal mate? No. I actually went through 2 girlfriends before I attracted my ideal woman. What I came to find out was that those two women, before my ideal women, showed me who I really was. They were mirror images of my consciousness and I understood that I had to change myself before I successfully attracted what I had on paper.

After those two partners, an insight came to me to work on developing myself to match the qualities I wanted to attract (there's the masculine). As I was doing this, I never became discouraged that I wouldn't find my ideal mate. I didn't worry about being alone, or having something wrong with me, or not feeling worthy. I stuck to my intention, my vision (there's the feminine), and just knew it was going to happen.

Well, for six months I didn't have any activity at all. No dates, no interest in any women I saw, nothing. Then, my Mother asked me if I was going to my cousin's wedding up in New Hampshire. I said sure, I'll go, when does our plane leave? When we got to the wedding I had an awesome time. It was an outdoor wedding, the weather was beautiful, and my cousin looked angelic.

About 10 minutes before the reception ended, I was out in the car grabbing a camera when I noticed a beautiful woman wearing a red bridesmaid dress. I felt my stomach drop and had the inner nudge to go over there and just say hi. I walked over there and began talking to her. I didn't even think twice about it. We chatted the whole way back into the reception hall.

An after party was being held at my Aunts, so we all reformed and went over there. Once we got to my Aunts, we began talking again and really hit off. We played fun games like apples to apples and clue and talked in between all the games. Man, it was awesome!

However, I had to leave that night back to Pittsburgh. So, being disappointed, I told her I had to leave and maybe I'll see her again someday.

About two weeks after being back at Pittsburgh, I felt, no I knew I had to call her (there's the masculine), but I didn't have her number. So, I called my cousin and asked her for this woman's number and called her right away. She answered and I said, “Hi there! remember me, I'm Nick from the wedding.” Thankfully, she knew who I was right away and we lived happily ever after (lol).

Seriously though, we have been dating for over a year now, we both love each other, and we both live in the same town. Talk about using the law of attraction to its finest!

You see, combining feminine and masculine together makes the circle of life complete. Just like the yin and yang symbol, a completed circle. When the circle is disconnected, one or both of the energies are being misplaced and receiving what you desire becomes misplaced.

Understand that when you have a desire you must hold onto it and trust that it will be yours no matter what circumstances may tell you. Wallace Wattles states in his book, The Science of Getting Rich, “To think what you want to think is to think Truth, regardless of appearances.”

Hold onto that expressiveness and nurture your desire. When you know what to do, do it! That's the masculine instrument in you to help assist the expressiveness along the creative paths of life.

When you're “tuned-in” there is only flow, never force in your life. Hopefully, this article has created a shift in your consciousness, so you understand how to create and secure your fondest dreams.

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