Learn the Law of Abundance & Open the Gates of Prosperity

The law of abundance is not included as one of the 7 laws of the universe; however, the law of abundance is considered a principle to attract success in your life. Abundance means a great plenty and an overflowing quantity of everything in this universe!

Everything you need, want, and desire is already created for you. From the health and fitness you desire, to all the money you want, to having the perfect life long mate, is already here waiting for your attention. All you have to do is access and choose abundance.

Read the law of gender article to understand why and how everything is already created for you in this universe. This article is focusing on how to access abundance and live in abundance. I'm going to share with you two key success habits that access and put to use the law of abundance. They are: The vacuum law of prosperity and appreciation.

Living in abundance is directly integrated with both of those success habits. Since everything you want and need is already created, living in abundance boils down to a choice. Do you choose abundance or do you not? On a conscious level, of course everyone would choose abundance and prosperity. However, on an unconscious level you may be repelling abundance and you're totally unaware of it.

Since our unconscious mind runs our behavior, it makes sense to use the vacuum law of prosperity and appreciation to change that unconscious programming.

The Vacuum Law of Prosperity

The law of prosperity is a fun law to practice. It really opens up a positive channel for giving and receiving. It's called the vacuum law of prosperity because nature abhors a vacuum. Meaning, that if there is an empty space nature will fill it in.

Go outside and dig a hole in your back yard. Once that hole is dug, what will happen over the next couple of days? Nature will begin to fill it in. Grass, weeds, and flowers may grow in and the rain will push more dirt into the hole. Eventually, the hole will be completely filled over time.

The vacuum law of prosperity also applies to your personal life. The only way anything new will ever come into your life is by creating a space for it. Think about all the times throughout your life when something new came---A new relationship, more money, furniture, or a new house. Now, think of the space available that attracted those new things. It's there! Really think about this.

You attracted a new romantic mate because you were single, you moved to a different state because your old house was for sale, and you provided more value to others to attract more money in your life.

Whatever you desire, what can you give to create an empty space so it comes into your life? Let's say you want a healthier body. What can you give your body to create that better state of health and fitness? Giving always creates a space for goodness to come into your life. The more you give the more you shall receive.

The law of prosperity attracts the means for living in abundance. Create a space by giving more and you'll be amazed at the infinite abundance you will receive.

Do you want to accelerate the speed of abundance and prosperity even more? Use the vacuum law of prosperity, coupled with appreciation, to access the law of abundance easily.


All things increase in value when they are appreciated. You see this in real estate, antiques, relationships, stocks, bonds, your health, and your mental capabilities. Appreciation is so simple and easy to use that you don't have to fix up a house to increase the value of your life.

Appreciation accesses the law of abundance and grows the “plenty” you desire. Use appreciation like you use gratitude. Appreciate everything that's in your life. From the good to the bad, appreciate it all. Why appreciate the challenges and your so called “bad” circumstances in life?

Because the bad things that are happening to you are gifts. They are wake up calls saying, “Hello! Wake up! This is the tenth time your experiencing this bad result. It's time to do it this way moron.”

Anytime you experience less than pleasing results, the universe is giving you a learning experience to help you grow. Life is a series of learning experiences to help us grow to our fullest potential. The key is that once you get the lesson there is no need for the experience anymore.

When you use appreciation, you send a message to the universe saying you appreciate this beautiful life that you have. This message will send a signal right back to you in the form of abundance and prosperity.

What happens when you appreciate your family? Your husband or wife? Your kids? They grow more to love you and become better persons. When you place your money in an appreciative situation, your money will grow more from interest. When you appreciate your health and body, you'll take more action to keep a healthy and fit body.

What appreciation really does is make you a bigger and more conscious person. You can't give something that you don't first have yourself. You can't fully love someone until you love yourself. You can't give appreciation unless you appreciate yourself.

If this area is a struggle for you, first give and appreciate yourself. It's not greedy or conceited to love and appreciate yourself. If you don't appreciate you, how can you love and appreciate others? Start by appreciating what's good in your life. Then, do something nice for yourself. Read a great book, take yourself out to dinner, go on a nice walk, get a massage, go to a spa, play golf, go fishing, buy something, get dessert, etc.

The law of abundance is a fun law to play with. You can take direct action by using the vacuum law of prosperity and appreciation to see more positive results in your life.

The first step in using the law of abundance correctly is to create a space in your life to attract what you want. Do this by giving and helping others succeed so you succeed. Try this: go in your closet and give away all of your old shoes. Then, two things will happen. First, you will not have anymore shoes and you'll attract the money to buy more shoes. Or second, someone will offer you or give you the shoes you were looking for.

Then there is the act of appreciation to have more abundance. Appreciation accesses the law of abundance by acknowledging the goodness in your life, therefore these things increase in value. As you appreciate and increase in value, more abundance and prosperity will flow into your life.

The law of abundance must be definite and true or the universe would contradict itself. This universe is growing at a rapid pace. As you've seen throughout history, the common thread generation after generation is progress and growth. There is always plenty to go around and the supply will never run out.

Adopt the belief that you're living in abundance and have access to an unlimited supply. Once you ingrain this belief, you'll start receiving idea after idea and opportunity after opportunity to succeed. You are an unlimited person full of potentiality and possibility.

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