Learn How To Meditate For Living Your Life Purpose

The purpose of this article is to give you practical exercises for journeying in the present moment and aligning with your inward purpose by learning how to meditate.

Why the emphasis on the present moment and your inward purpose? Because this moment is where life happens. It is the place where true love, liberation, compassion, joy, peace, happiness, and success reside. Giving in fully and completely to this moment gives you complete conscious choice to create success and let the joy of being shine through. Your inward purpose is the end of unconsciousness.

So why are human beings stuck in the past and constantly projecting out their future? Why are we so identified with our fears, worries, and needing of control? It is because we let the ego take over.

For thousands of years the ego has been evolving and almost the entire world is completely identified with it causing complete dysfunction for not only their lives, but everyone else and this planet. It is no surprise that human beings are the number one destructive force towards nature.

A global awakening is inevitable, however. It will either come through the ego's destruction of dysfunctional seeking, desiring, and unconsciousness, or it will come through the collective movement of enlightened individuals. In the end, consciousness will become conscious of itself (rather than losing itself in form) and awareness of the mind and ego will be the predominant state.

However...please do not hope for the collective movement of enlightened individuals to take place. Hope is unreleased tension. Kind of like wrapping a rubber band around your wrist, pulling it back, but not releasing it to snap your skin. Hope is static potential of wanting what you want to happen, rather than it happening.

Instead, take awakened action.

Reading The Success Solution article series is the starting point for awakened action. You should have insight to who you really are and what your life purpose is all about.

It is time to put your life purpose into action. Only you can change and enlighten the world. The first step is meditation and the discovery of your inner space and true nature.

What Is Meditation?

If you go to any dictionary, meditation is defined as "To plan or intend. To think deeply." That is the academic version of meditation and it also may be why the western culture is very dysfunctional because all dysfunction starts with identification to thinking.

In the western world, meditation is frowned upon because society views it as unproductive, therefore it is a weakness and not socially accepted. Western culture is all about doing, getting to the next step, and capitalism. It is completely identified with the external flow of creating.

"If you are not doing something, then you have no power and purpose", that is the western culture's mindset- especially the United States.

On some level the western views of meditation are accurate because meditation is not power. It only points to power.

Real power comes from the inward movement of discovering your being and the light of consciousness. It is about being the space and stillness of life. Out of this "space" and "stillness" arises your true nature holding the wisdom of all the ages.

Meditation is a tool that helps you unleash your power and tap into the inward movement of universal purpose, which is also your life purpose.

Its other purpose is to transcend and move beyond thinking to become aware of thinking and be life itself.

There are many forms of meditation, but all forms lead back to one purpose: discovering the inner spaciousness and stillness of who you really are.

Most people view meditation as a way to relax, find peace, and bring happiness into their lives. While that is worthy and necessary, those qualities are effects of discovering and living your inward purpose- who you really are.

Think of meditation as something that you are, rather than you do. Trying to meditate and setting the goal of finding that inner spaciousness is counterproductive. There is no trying in meditation. Trying is seeking and "space" is completely non-seeking. You just have to let go and be.

For the rest of this article, I am going to give you some meditation exercises that you can use during that "select time" of quiet meditation and you will learn a few techniques to incorporate meditation on a moment to moment basis.

The Success Solution Community dives deeper into meditation practices and integrating those practices as your waking consciousness. This enables you to awaken and live your life's true purpose as a full functioning human being.

How to Meditate?

Meditation has a widely distorted view, especially in western cultures. The stereotype for those who meditate are seen as burning incense, wearing white robes, sitting for hours on a cushion, being "airy fairy", and talking like Yoda from Star Wars.

People do that to some degree. They will sit for hours and create a "spiritual" atmosphere. However, to meditate successful (if there is such a thing) you do not need to practice...just do it.

What I mean by "just do it" is to make your life a constant meditation throughout the day. Rather than allocating a thirty minute time chunk each morning for your practice, incorporate your practice moment to moment.

It is real easy to sit in a quiet room all alone without the weight of the world breathing down your neck. A master, that is to say someone who is truly aligned with their life purpose, is able to carry a presence with them through the thick and thin of their life.

Does this mean eliminate your morning meditation practice? No. The art of "sitting" as a meditation practice helps you discover that inward movement of consciousness and your life purpose. It opens the door to the formless dimension so you know HOW to incorporate that dimension into your ordinary consciousness.

My Favorite Sitting Meditations

Creating gaps in your thoughts is a meditative practice. What is inside of these gaps? Absolutely nothing. But that is the point.

Behind the veil of your mind, thoughts, and feelings is a still space of "no-thingness." Who you are is this space. You are that without content. Another way of putting it is that you are the observer or the awareness of your thoughts.

A great sitting practice is to sit and just observe. Watch your thoughts and feelings that run through you. What does your thinking mind have to say? Just notice that you are having thoughts. You could silently say to yourself when a thought arises, "Hmmm, interesting....thank you", and be done with the thought.

Let it be okay that you are thinking. When you lose yourself in thought, notice that you are lost and you are not lost in thought anymore.

As simple as this "observing" meditation seems, it is profound. The ability to watch your thoughts is freedom from the ego. You will always have thoughts, but now you have a choice to whether or not you want to identify with them. Before, being unconscious, you didn't have a choice. Now that you are conscious and observing, you have complete choice over your life.

Practice this for an hour per day...and see what happens.

Another great meditation tool is conscious breathing. As you sit during your selective meditation practice, place your attention on the movement of your breath moving in through your nose, expanding your stomach, and follow your breath moving out of your body into space.

When you complete your exhale breath, pause for a few moments before breathing back in. Listen to your heart beat and the inner energy pulse of your body.

This practice puts your attention in the present moment, which is deepening your relationship with the real you.

If you lose yourself in thinking, simply bring your attention back to conscious breathing.

Do for this for as long as you like...how about 30 minutes each day? But...at some point during your meditative practice, you must drop the meditation tool and "just breathe" being with what is. This prevents you from becoming attached to a practice for finding the present moment and experiencing your true nature.

Now, there are not any goals or "doing it right" in meditative practice. That defeats the purpose and the ego has slipped in through the back door. In the beginning, your gaps between thoughts may be very small. I am talking possibly seconds.

However, one small gap between a thought allows the space of consciousness to grow bigger and bigger inside of you. Each time you bring presence or "no-mind" into your being, the gap of spaciousness will grow bigger until it is your predominant state. Soon, you will be calling upon the ego for practical needs and it will obey your conscious presence.

One moment of complete presence is a success. You have then become awakened and will never be the same. Your presence and inward purpose will grow on its own like a properly germinated wild flower seed. All you have to do is facilitate your conscious growth through meditation, and soon enough your inward purpose and conscious presence will flower on its own.

Awakened Meditation

Meditation throughout the day is about bringing the spaciousness of life through your doing. Rather than unconsciously going about your day immersed in doing, take time to be aware of your thoughts and feelings.

Connect with your inner body and do three conscious breaths. Take a break from reading and do this right now.

Let's say that you have a construction job hanging drywall. You can turn your job into a meditation by stopping consistently what you are doing for a few seconds and take three conscious breaths. As you take these breaths, notice the alert stillness inside and all around you.

Then, go about about your drywall experience with your conscious attention on drywall. Do Not focus your attention to when work is done, on the end results, what is for dinner, and certainly not on where you would rather be.

The quality of your consciousness right now- the degree of your presence- will determine all future states.

Your actions are not separate from the end result. If your actions are poisoned with anxiety, fear, and unconsciousness, you will create that corresponding result.

It is the quality behind your actions that determine the outcomes you get- Not necessarily the type of action you take. And the quality of your actions are dependent upon where your conscious attention is right now. Is it stuck in the past and projecting out a future. Or, are you here and now in this moment where life is.

Being awakened and present in your doing will infuse it with the quality of joy, peace, enthusiasm, and acceptance. This results in giving conscious growth for all far beyond what you can imagine. And as you give, so shall you receive.

One of my favorite techniques for bringing the awakened quality of life are called meditative triggers. This practice points to enlightenment because you ask yourself questions that cannot be answered by the mind. Meditative triggers get "your-self" out of your head and into the peace of this moment.

What you do is ask a particular question when you notice yourself in a discomforting state. Then become very alert and still watching your mind for an answer and where that discomforting feeling is in your body. Most times an answer will not come, but if it does, the act of watching your mind in itself is complete presence. You are in tune with "what is".

Here are a series of questions that I use through out the day. Be aware of your discomforting feelings, then ask any of the questions below or use them in a series.

"I wonder what is going on inside of me right now?" Become alert and still and see what happens.

"Am I at ease in this present moment"?

"Could I be okay with this present moment?"

"What in this moment is lacking?"

You can use all of these questions in order or just one or two of them. Do not get stuck in repeating these questions over and over. The point is to ask the question and become very alert and still watching your mind. Then, let go of the question. Go about your business and use the meditative trigger the next time you feel discomfort.

Meditation brings presence into your life. When you live for this moment, you are on an inward journey of discovering your life's purpose. Trust that this moment is all you ever need because all answers to every problem are found right now.

Be more concerned with your inward journey of purpose and the present moment because that is true life. It is complete happiness, peace, and success.

As Eckhart Tolle says, "When doing becomes infused with the timeless quality being, that is success." Opening yourself up and accepting this moment for what it is, is success. Once you journey down that path of your inward purpose, you will see what I mean.

Make sure you check out The Success Solution Community. I give you comprehensive training of discovering and living your inward and outward life purpose, and show you how to create the internal and external results you want through proper use of the mind.

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