Core Steps to Financial Abundance

This is part two of the “Accessing Financial Abundance” article series. If you haven't read accessing financial abundance or access abundance, I recommend you start there so you can better understand and apply this article.

In this article, a step by step plan for financial abundance, I'm giving you the exact, core steps you need to take in-order to bring financial abundance in your life.

Putting this article together was a challenging task. I could easily write a book or create a detailed product on the subject of financial abundance. I thought of many (at least 12) steps that would lead to a better financial life for you. I do plan on creating a detailed and lengthy e-course in the near future that would be much more valuable than what I can share here.

What I'm doing for this article is giving you the core steps you need to take for creating a more prosperous financial life. If you follow and apply these steps, I know for a fact that your life will begin to change and you'll open yourself up to more financial abundance.

Why am I only giving you the core steps? Ultimately, this is all you really need to attract more financial abundance. I thought about creating a detailed series of articles, but that would be over 12 articles and about 24 web-pages. I just think this approach is more efficient and effective.

So, let's get started. The core steps to access more financial abundance are:

  • Becoming the person that matches your idea of abundance.

  • Understanding what financial abundance looks like.

  • Using thought + emotion to create feelings.

  • Matching your external environment with your inner picture.

The Core Truths to Financial Abundance

  1. Decide on the income figure you want to earn. Not because you want to earn that exact figure, because you're going to use it as a gauge for understanding what you must become to be that kind of income earning person.

    You must first know where you currently stand. Do you know exactly how much you earn per year? Per month? And Per day? Do you know your net income after you subtract your reoccurring expenses.

    Believe it or not, most people have no idea where they currently stand. It's like going up to bat without a home plate in baseball. They're eager to move forward and achieve something in the game, but they don't know where to stand to get started.

    Knowing where you are is important because you need to understand the financial vibration you're currently in. There's a reason you're earning the amount of money you currently have. And that's because your energies (the law of vibration) are vibrating at that particular income earning frequency.

    Would you not agree that a 30,000 dollar per year income earner is a lot different in their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors than a 250,000 dollar per year income earner?

    When you understand and know your current income, you have the ability to make believable leaps forward. Notice how I emphasized the word “believable”. Yes, it's possible to earn any amount of income no matter what position you're currently in. However, is it very probable to jump from 30,000 dollars per year to a million dollars per year in 12 months? I don't think so.

    What I suggest you do is take your current income level, let's say for example it's 36,000 dollars, and really do a gut check on what would be a believable jump, but also a challenge.

    I've found that doubling my income every year felt believable, possible, and also challenging. Don't be held down by this number. It may change over the years and also you may not care to keep multiplying your income. But for now, I assume you want more financial abundance :)

    In this example, that would mean the following year you would be flowing 72,000 dollars. Why do I say you want it to be challenging? Because there has to be growth involved. No growth = no reward. The Universe will bless and reward you for your growth. It's a simple law of nature: You're either growing or you're either dying. You can observe this all around you.

    O.k., so you should now have a new income figure that's believable and also a challenge for you. Now, let's move on to step 2.

  2. What type of person do you have to become in order to flow, accumulate, and maintain your new income goal? What does that kind of person feel like? What would that person be doing? What kind of experiences would that person be having?

    If you haven't noticed, being a 72,000 dollar income earner is arbitrary. What it takes to be that person will mean something different to anyone you meet. Can you really know what it takes to become a 72,000 dollar income earner? No, you can't. All you have is an idea or image of what the lifestyle and experiences of being that type of income earner entails.

    It doesn't matter if you earn 72,000 dollars per year. The dollar amount is pointless. You don't even want the money. What you want is the experiences and feelings money can provide you. If you could get all of your ideal experiences and feelings from what you thought 72,000 dollars could provide, but received them from only earning 50,000 dollars that year, would you reject and not accept the ideal experiences you've intended because you didn't earn 72,000 dollars? I think not.

    Use your income goal as a gauge for the type of lifestyle and experiences you want. Then, forget about the number and place your attention on being in the lifestyle and experience of financial abundance right now.

    Abundance comes in many different forms. Determining your life experiences in being, doing, and having only if you had a certain amount of income is very limiting and narrow.

    I know a gentleman who wanted a boat, so he can sail on the ocean. I asked him why he wanted the boat.

      He said, “Because I want to experience the peacefulness of the ocean, excitement of the waves, and a better connection with God.”

      I said, “Great! Now, how would that make you feel?”

      The gentleman replied, “ I'd feel joy, peace, freedom, and connectedness.”

    I then went on to explain that you must become and bring those feelings of joy, peace, freedom, and connectedness within yourself first, then you'll have that boat experience.

    Turns out he took my advice, brought those feelings alive for him, and realized he doesn't need a boat because a buddy of his has a beach house and a boat and has already been invited to stay with him at the beach a few times this year.

    Will he ever get the boat? Yes, probably at some point if he wants to. Does it matter that he gets the boat? No, because he can experience that lifestyle with or without owning a boat.

    So, here is your assignment for step number 2. First, answer this question: What does having financial abundance mean for me?

    Start your paragraph with, “Financial abundance means...” What you want to look for are the emotions/feelings and experiences you describe.

    Finally, list out the different experiences and images of what financial abundance is like. Use your new income goal as a gauge. Use these sentences as your starters: If I was financially abundant I would experience.. or If I earned xxx amount of dollars (income goal) I would experience... Do this now.

  3. Combine the experiences you want with the emotions/feelings you want.

    Science has proven that at a molecular level everything is comprised of 99.9999 percent energy. From the chair you're sitting in, to the tree outside, and then to your body is nothing more than energy vibrating at a certain frequency.

    What this means is that we are an energy field operating in a larger energy field. And according to the law of vibration, like energies are attracted to other like energies.

    Your consistent feelings are the vibrations being projected out into the universe. Your feelings are the call and the pull for attracting the experiences you intend. When you become conscious of this, you have the power to win because you can now consciously choose how to feel and attract the goodness you desire.

    Do not get confused with emotions and feelings. They are close cousins, but they're not the same thing.

    Emotions are nothing more than energy in motion. They are descriptors for how you feel. For example, the word “love” is an emotion. It's describing the state of being we are in. Feelings, on the other hand, are visceral. They are indescribable at it's core. Feelings are the sweaty palms, increased heart beat, and flow of energy throughout your body.

    As I've stated before, to access the financial abundance you desire you must become the person that's worthy and can hold that financial experience. You do that in two ways:

    1. Know the experiences that make up financial abundance.

    2. Thoughts + Emotions = Feelings.

    When you're feeling a certain way, you're being that person. That's the “be” component to your financial abundance. One of the ways to start being is to visualize the experience while adding the emotion to that experience. Doing so creates the vibration or feeling as you can see in the equation above.

    A great resource that I use for step number 3 is I Create Reality.com. Christopher Westra developed a concept called holographic creation, where he teaches you how to go beyond visualization and manifest anything you want.

    Christopher has a worksheet that he's letting me give to you called the holocreation worksheet that enables you to practice creating financial abundance as I've described thus far. Please download the holocreation worksheet now.

    The worksheet is pretty self explanatory. What you do is fill in the category of your focus, which is probably “financial abundance.” Then, you express your gratitude by completing the “Thanks for..”. Next, describe the experience and detailed image for your financial abundance. You may have many experiences, so you can rotate different experiences each day or when you visualize. Finally, list the emotion/feeling that having this experience would create.

    Once the holographic sheet is filled out, invest about 20 minutes to visualize the experience(s) you have listed. Make the focal point of your visualization on really feeling the emotion you listed next to the experience you're visualizing.

    The holographic worksheet comes out of Christopher's I create Reality book. In his book, he gives you detailed explanation on why this worksheet works, how to apply abundance in all areas of your life, and how to manifest anything you want.

    It's an ebook that cost around $22 dollars with 3 or 4 free bonuses. Click here to check it out.

  4. The final core step to accessing financial abundance is to match your external environment with the inner picture and feelings you're creating.

    Let me start you with a question? If one of your experiences for having financial abundance is you living in a beautiful, historic Victorian home on 22 acres of farm land, but your current home is dirty, not cared for, weeds every where, clothes all over the place, and posters on the wall, do you really think you're going to get that ideal home?

    No way! And why would you. It's obvious you don't care, respect, and feel good in the existing home you have. So, the message you're sending out to the Universe on a physical level is that you are not worthy of that new home. I mean, you would never leave your ideal, historic, Victorian home dirty, broken, and not cared for, would you?

    Your financial abundance can be held at bay if your inner picture and feelings of abundance are contradicting your environment. What you want to do is begin to surround yourself and create a space that makes you feel the way financial abundance feels.

    This doesn't mean you have to eat caviar and go only designer. But you do have to do what you can to bring good vibrations in your external environment. Let me illustrate.

    In my old room, I use to have posters of Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and the Pittsburgh Steelers. I began to realize that my room looked like I was still in College. Do you think I would be worthy of earning $75,000 dollars with College posters still hanging in my room? I was broke in College and those posters kept me in the past.

    I simply decided to remove those posters and only put artwork up that made me feel good. This process helped me step into the reality of the financial abundance picture I was trying to create. As a result, more financial abundance came into my life because I was vibrating or being more like my ideal finances.

    Do you get the picture? The point is to become the financial abundance you desire and this means on all levels--physical, mental, and spiritual.

    For the final step, do an inventory of your environment. What things could you upgrade to make you feel better? What habits can you change to have your environment make you feel good? What relationships pull you down? What relationships pull you up?

    There's a saying that states: You become who you hang out with. Are your closest relationships sucking the life out of you? If they are, I suggest you invest less quantity time with them and begin attracting friends that you want to become.


Listed below is a short recap of the core steps you need to take for increasing your financial abundance.

  1. Decide on the income figure you want to earn. Not because you want to earn that exact figure, because you're going to use it as a gauge for understanding what you must become to be that kind of income earning person.
  2. Answer these two questions. What does having financial abundance mean for me? What does my financial abundance look like?
  3. Combine the experiences you want with the emotions/feelings you want. Use Christopher's Holocreation Worksheet.
  4. For the final step, do an inventory of your environment. What things could you upgrade to make you feel better? What habits can you change to have your environment make you feel good? What relationships pull you down? What relationships pull you up? Invest more time and energy into the people you want to become and the relationships that match your inner financial abundance

I'm passionate about helping people create and shape abundance into their life. If you have any questions pertaining to this article, please contact me with questions, comments, success stories, etc. Use the contact form below.

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